Five to One: A Crafter’s World with Kathy Davey

Five to One: A Crafter's World with Kathy Davey

I’m excited to introduce a new guest interview for our latest installment of Five to One. Meet Kathy Davey of Blue Bumble Bee Creations.

Kathy is a florist who works exclusively with wood flowers; the arrangements last a lifetime. So, like the fictitious Alicia Drummond in “Glitter and Grief,” Kathy is a full-time crafter.

Kathy agreed to answer questions for my Five to One blog category and give us insight into what it’s like to earn a living doing what you love.

Check out these floral arrangements! 😍

Though Kathy went a bit off script, we’ll forgive her. One, because her answers are too good to change, and two, creatives do their best work untethered.

Kathy Davey brings the nuances of her trade to life, and she is as lovely as her art, so enjoy her perspective. Let’s dive in!

5. What are five designs are your favorite to make?

I love making centerpieces, wedding bouquets, and anything completely different! I love when someone challenges me to make something spectacular and when they receive it, they are so happy they cry! It’s just the best feeling to make someone happy!

4. Which four arrangements challenge you but are worth the result?

Funeral pieces. You’re designing a piece that will be the last flower of this person’s existence. You have no idea anything about them, and you have to visualize what the family may like or try to create something that reminds the family of their lost one. The absolute hardest part of being a florist is when a family walks in to say they just lost an infant or a child. I get goosebumps even thinking back on a few. They’re walking in completely distraught, and you have to hold it together when all you want to do is bawl your eyes out. I’ve lost it a few times and just had to hug them and let them know how sorry you are for their loss. It’s so heartbreaking.

3. Tell us three ways you sell your beautiful bouquets.

I've been a florist now for over 30 years. Mostly, all I have to do is put a design on my personal Facebook, and it sells within the first 15 minutes. Or certainly by the end of the day. I have a business website I sell on as well. In addition, I use Facebook and Instagram and sell at craft fairs.

2. Share two pieces of advice you recommend to anyone wishing to make a living with their talent and passion.

I was so worried I would fail. I had my mortgage on the line and everything I’ve worked for in the past several years. I lost my job after the pandemic and took the biggest and scariest step of my life. I forced myself to believe in myself, and I made the leap. If you never make the leap, you’ll never know. Whatever your passion is or how you’d like to make a need to at least try. How will you ever know if you don’t try? Focus on nothing else but your goal. It will happen with hard work, dedication, and trusting your gut.

1. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned, doing what you love?

You can’t make everyone happy, no matter how talented you are. Some people are just unhappy with life. You can change an arrangement or fix a wedding bouquet a million times, and someone will be unsatisfied. Also, people don’t understand how hard it is to make things from nothing into something beautiful. It takes one week to make a hand-dyed wood floral arrangement. People complain about how expensive it is; in all fairness, it should be higher priced than advertised!

So there you have it. Go to Kathy's website, Blue Bumble Bee Creations, and buy yourself or someone you love the bouquet that lasts a lifetime.

Thank you, Kathy! You made Five to One so fun and beautiful!

Be well,



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