Reflect and Remember

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Reflect and Remember

December is the perfect time to reflect and remember all the people who have impacted our lives in the past year. Often, that list remains static and dependable: family, friends, and pets.

They top our holiday gift and Christmas card lists, the people we spend our time and money on. A treasure, to be sure, but as I continue down the road to self-publishing success, I’ve met many new people. Talented women who market and sell a product worth mentioning. Perhaps one that would complete your shopping in time to enjoy the season.

I’ll begin with the lady without whom none of what I do would be possible: my graphic designer, Jamie Ross, and her business Fat Cat Design.

Years before I was Jamie’s client, did you know she was mine? I care for her three cats, who refer to me as “Auntie,” even though one refuses to let me touch him. (I’m persistent, Baxter.) It’s fascinating. How people come into our lives, seemingly for one reason, and before you know it, the relationship morphs into something more.

black cat with yellow eyes

As I was familiar with Jamie before I even considered publishing, I saw her work and formed an opinion long before it was necessary. Believe me, when I tell you, she is the best of the best in graphic design! (Some examples: the first two photos above and my novel and novella covers, found on the Books page of this website.)

Technology tests character

Do you know anyone struggling to build a website or brand? Someone who does what they do so well they’ve hung their own shingle, but (like me!) technology escapes them? Your fear of the world wide web may make you too timid to put yourself out there. If any of this applies, then look no further. Fat Cat Design can handle this and so much more. Presents don’t have to come in boxes and bags, and the gift of bottomless talent is sure to top anyone’s list.

Introvert, here!

woman by water with left arm raised

No one was more surprised than me to discover I’d enjoy attending craft fairs to sell my books. But if you ever meet the following people, you’ll understand why. 

Do you seek a unique present that no one would expect but anyone would love? Keep reading.

Bonus: nothing showcased here is limited to the holidays. So if you’re finished with the heavy lifting, you can prepare for birthdays, graduations, bar mitzvahs, and the like in 2023.

First, I’d like to thank Jen Lee for saving space for me at the fair I now frequent most. With a fun and friendly atmosphere, the event is well attended by devotees (Laura and Phyllis come to mind) and newbies alike. She sells Country Scents Candles, and you can follow her on Facebook.

Through Jen, I met our next talent, Kathy Davey of Blue Bumble Bee Creations. Her floral arrangements are beautiful and eternal, as they’re made of wood. Can you believe it? They look even more authentic in person. Follow her on Facebook or check out her website.


Stay tuned for an interview blog with Kathy coming in 2023. Her answers are like arrows, straight to the point and sharp. So fun!

Kathy introduced me to Charlette of Charlette's Crafts when they joined forces to hostess the Fangtastic craft fair in October. Charlette makes the most incredible tumblers you can find on Facebook or a website. Buy as advertised, or send an email and start a custom order.

And topping off this list of lovelies, I met The Boston Witch on Small Business Saturday at the Emerald Yoga Studio in November.

You don’t meet witches every day, and Suzanne was a pleasure to chat with and get to know during our downtime. So if you’re in the market for “A Luxury Boutique For All Things Magick,” look no further. A good witch, you can feel safe working with Suzanne on Etsy or following her on Tiktok.

I plan to double the number of fairs I attend next year, including book-specific ones. Because of these gals, I’m excited about the prospect. Thank you for the gift you didn’t know you gave!

Happy shopping and a blessed holiday season to all!

Be well,



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