Kathleen Pendoley

I write contemporary romance rooted in reality. As an intractable introvert, I observe. Much of my research can be found within my written lines, though only as seeds, never the actual blossom. Please sign up for monthly notifications of new blog posts, new releases, sneak-peaks at what I’m up to regarding writing, free downloads, and more. If you’re not already following, stop by and say “hello” on Facebook

Make Mine Chocolate, Please

I recently stumbled upon a newsletter article from my animal rescue shelter days that I wrote about rabbits and the “Make Mine Chocolate” movement. (All changes are primarily grammatical.) How serendipitous that spring recently arrived and Easter is on the horizon. It’s the perfect time to share some of my older works and give a shout-out to cute furry bunnies.

This Indie Author Life

This indie author thing started with great expectations. Not as in the classic novel but in how many of us approach life. Whether considering higher education, changing from a dead-end job to a career, or looking for new love, one can easily weave a tale about how it will look.

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