Kathleen Pendoley

I write contemporary romance rooted in reality. As an intractable introvert, I observe. Much of my research can be found within my written lines, though only as seeds, never the actual blossom. Please sign up for monthly notifications of new blog posts, new releases, sneak-peaks at what I’m up to regarding writing, free downloads, and more. If you’re not already following, stop by and say “hello” on Facebook


It’s A Wrap

It’s December 3, and it’s time to wrap up the year. I planned to write a blog around submitted Christmas photos to serve a dual purpose. One, to save me from writing a blog I pulled from the ether, and two, to share Christmas cheer. But I didn’t plan ahead, so I didn’t receive any submissions, and here we are.

Let Them Eat (Dog) Cookies

Okay, so “Let Them Eat (Dog) Cookies” doesn’t have the shrill panache of Marie Antoinette’s “Let Them Eat Cake,” which perhaps would have applied better where I’m pulling from “The Cake Maker’s Dog” Book 2 Bryant Brothers Novella Series.

When Vacation Isn’t All You Ever Wanted.

The plan is to have fun and enjoy, and mostly, things go as planned. Who cares that it rains? You may never get to hike into the Grand Canyon again. Blistering hot? No problem. You’re on a Caribbean Island with the turquoise water steps away, a Mai Tai within reach, and my newest release in hand.

It’s Playtime

From as far back as I can remember, I’ve been interested in how to source food. No one would let me mind you, but it didn’t stop me from being jealous of squirrels, watching them feast during playtime.

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