Let Them Eat (Dog) Cookies


Let Them Eat (Dog) Cookies!

Okay, so “Let Them Eat (Dog) Cookies” doesn’t have the shrill panache of Marie Antoinette’s “Let Them Eat Cake,” which perhaps would have applied better where I’m pulling from “The Cake Maker’s Dog” Book 2 Bryant Brothers Novella Series.

However, you use what you have. And a talent for cake making I have not. Still, I envision that, like me, Clara Bishop, the MFC in “The Cake Maker’s Dog,” would have found much pleasure in making these tasty treats for her German Shepherd, Kristof. She probably baked them as a thank you to her beloved pup after a day watching over their shoulders for her no-good ex, Gary. But she probably preferred making them while she stayed safe in the vacation rental with the mysterious veterinarian who just appeared on Bristlemouth Bay to ruin her wedding cake masterpiece before proving that real men don’t raise a hand to a lady. It would be no bother for Clara to whip up a batch of these peanut butter cookies (recipe shared below) as she thanked Dan for his generous and protective nature with her signature brownies and whoopee pies.

Christmas will be here before you know it

It’s November, and undoubtedly, you’ve started thinking about the holiday season. Does nostalgia for those Norman Rockwell memories have you in its tender grip? It could be you wish to make this season the best your family has seen in years. But somewhere deep down, you’re unsure. Gatherings with family have a way of going sideways. How will your interpretation of the perfect party measure up to yesteryear? Can you please everyone?


Now that I've brought it up, maybe you've started to worry. Perspiring, even. Panic is an emotion that can easily set in, pull up a chair, and make you question everything you know about yourself, relationships, and the point of living itself.

Don't freak out!


Try to remain calm. Life, success, and your in-laws opinions don’t matter here. Who loves you no matter what? No matter your mood, state of mind, or undress?


Dogs are always grateful. So make your special friend a plate of these peanut butter cookies whenever you feel stressed out but still want to fit into the outfit you bought for the perfect Christmas card mailing photo shoot. Like “The Cake Makers Dog,” which marries my two favorite things, cake and dogs (or dogs and cake? An imponderable), baking for dogs gives you the stress relief of doing something creative without all the calories. You don’t want to eat these. Not because you can’t, but because there is no sugar in them (or sugar substitutes, which are deadly to our canine companions), and that’s just nasty—unless you’re a dog.

So, bake a batch for your furry friend. Double the recipe and share it with your neighbor's yippy mutt, or donate them to the shelter filled with loving, furry souls across town. Everyone wins when you give from the heart to the animals with the biggest hearts. So Let Them Eat (Dog) Cookies!

Have a fantastic start to your 2023 holiday season!


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