Angels on Earth - guest blog post by Jamie Lyn Ross for Author Kathleen Pendoley

Angels on Earth

Life is not without upheaval, both acute and benign. Whether the unrest is monumental, minimal, or both, our bodies and minds react. Extreme turmoil can yield devastating short- and long-term chaos, disrupting the mind, body, and spirit. I dedicate this narrative to my Angel on Earth, Kathleen Pendoley, and other earthly angels who rescued me amidst personal turmoil.

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seasonal holiday display featuring pinecones, cranberries and lantern on distressed wood table

This Holiday Season, Presence is Your Present

With Halloween in the rearview, the holiday season has officially begun.
Are you excited? Nervous? Stressed? All Three?
Are you wondering, How did I accomplish everything last year? Where did I find the time to buy gifts, plan exciting events, cook meals for many, or prep for visiting friends and family?
The answer may be dawning on you as you ponder these questions: At a price.

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