Thanksgiving: Food, Tradition, People?

cornucopia of fruit, vegetables, bread, and wine

Why do we love Thanksgiving?

As we prepare in the US for Thanksgiving, I’ve noticed people talking. Not about the holiday and not about the tradition. No. They’ve been whispering, reflecting, and commenting, “She’s always writing about food!” “Bring your appetite when reading this book,” and “Yes. You do mention eating an awful lot!”

two prairie dogs

I can’t deny it. I love food. Sure, I eat vegetables because I have to, but how I cook them makes me want to. They may not be cake, but eating fruits, veggies, and whole grains keeps me running healthily. And because I balance them with junky and less frequent choices like cake, brownies, and french fries, happiness remains part of the experience.

chocolate bundt cake with vanilla drizzle

As the shorter days can invite us to do, the upcoming holiday season had me pondering. (I mean if you can’t mention food when Thanksgiving arises, when can you?) So what is it about Thanksgiving that has us wanting to cook enough to feed a crowd, get together with folks we love (or don’t), and eat until we’re stuffed to the gills - the food, tradition, or people?

brass section of band on parade

Or could it possibly be something else altogether?

My hard work paid off in a eureka moment as I ate lunch, a forkful of salad held aloft in hand. With the contemplation phase over, in a hairsbreadth of time, I’d figured it out for all humanity.

Forget the Thursday dinner. Forget about driving all around so mom, dad, nana, and gramps can feel included. The parade on TV means as little as ballgames played while shivering in puffer coats and swilling hot chocolate.

brown haired girl in pink sunglasses with suprised expression

The reason we celebrate Thanksgiving - with 100% accuracy (based on my opinion)

Drum roll, please for the day after Thanksgiving stuffed-with-anything-you-want sandwich.

Thanksgiving turkey wrap on floral plate

Oh, baby! It has it all - turkey, homemade stuffing (nothing out of a plastic bag and stirred into boiling water. This is a sacred event.), cranberry sauce (from a can that imprints its shape only! Eww! to homemade here.), mayo, salt, and pepper. I’ll leave the choice of bread to you, the ingester, as we all know it’s simply a transport vessel for shoveling heaven into your mouth.

*Key Element*

Remember, to be done correctly; the imperative is for the sandwich to be made the next day. Being leftover is the main delicious ingredient.

womans hands as she works three computers

Now with the code cracked, you no longer need to eat until you are bloated and still dissatisfied on Thanksgiving Day, as what you’ve been waiting for your whole life has arrived. The Holy Grail of sandwiches. The gastronomic delight of the gods. The reason for the season, the celebration, and potential existence as we perceive it.

You’re welcome!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Enjoy, and be well,



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